Ryotei is a traditional Japanese restaurant offering a culinary experience that conveys the true essence of elegance in Japanese culture. You will enjoy a culinary experience not just in the ingredients and preparation of the food, but in the presentation of the dishes, the traditional decor of hanging scrolls, and flowers, as well as the hospitality and spirit of the tea ceremony. Everything comes together to create a new but traditional dining experience.

Nicho’s purple noren curtain has symbolized the entrance to precious spacetime since 1946. Beyond the noren lies the beauty of Japanese Wa and the beauty of the Sanuki region. The food is exquisite, worthy of a Setouchi ryotei. Discover Japanese traditions and culture and find new excitement. Nicho in Setouchi offers you such a remarkable experience.

和美讃美 Discover Wabi-Sabi in SETOUCHI
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