Cultural Experience

Marking the flow of time

Established in 1946 in Takamatsu, known as “Sanuki Geidokoro”, Nicho inherited the name of a geiko of the time. Enjoy the "essence of elegance" of Japan nurtured in Setouchi.

Ryotei with a tea room

The tea ceremony, including kaiseki cuisine which originated from the meal served to guests at a tea ceremony, greatly influenced Japanese culture and the history of Japanese food. Nicho’s tea room was established in the hope of illustrating Japan’s proud traditions and making the tea ceremony seem less daunting and more approachable.

Tea ceremony at Kaan Tea House
Per session: ¥200,000
*Morning tea ceremonies, evening tea parties and other seasonal tea gatherings can also be arranged.
Inquiries and reservations: 0120-86-0220

Use of Ritsurin Garden Tea House

Designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty, Ritsurin Garden was completed over one hundred years during the Edo period.
You can enjoy Nicho’s exquisite cuisine and hospitality at Kikugetsutei or Higurashitei in an outstanding Japanese garden enjoyed through the generations.

Tea ceremony at Higurashitei
Per session: ¥250,000
Inquiries and reservations: 0120-86-0220 (Nicho)

Inquiries and reservations
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