Nicho's Passion

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Subtle flavors and excitement beyond your imagination.
Nicho’s passion is evident in its meticulous hospitality and thoughtfulness for guests beyond serving food.

Menu ideas are inspired by fostering relationships with the food producers.

Nicho’s menu starts with its master chef visiting and talking with the product providers, as the producers know when their product is at its seasonal best. From this, our chef knows how to maximize the production potential. New ideas are inspired by this teamwork, enabling the chef and the producers to work together to create cuisine exclusive to Kagawa.

Challenging the new while learning from the old

Nicho strives for innovative techniques not seen at other traditional ryotei and kappo restaurants with dishes that appear to be staples of Japanese cuisine. While upholding the traditions of Japanese cuisine, Nicho creates new ways of using and combining ingredients depending on when harvested and their state at harvesting. We ensure our guests will enjoy an exciting dining experience with every visit.

“Tableware is kimono for food”

The chef’s work isn’t completed in Japanese cuisine until the food is plated. The settings on which the food is presented at Nicho include local Kagawa ceramics and tableware from all over the country, all carefully selected by the owner to match a culinary theme based on his profound knowledge of the tea ceremony. Each dish has meaning and expression while incorporating an essence of elegance along with surprise and playfulness.

Food pairing by a sake sommelier

Accompanied by a sake tasting master, we explore craft sake from breweries all over the country, including Kagawa prefecture and Shikoku island with the goal of pairing craft sake with our cuisine. Our sommelier, working along with the culinary team, pairs and suggests sake that will best complement each particular food menu item. We also serve high quality green tea grown locally and ensure that our guests can enjoy ryotei-inspired food and drink pairings.

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