Other Information (Japanese only)

Nicho services extend beyond traditional dining.

  • Catering (Ichikara Nicho)

    As well as bento for special events, we offer a catering service to suit every occasion, from celebrations to memorial services.

  • Celebrations

    Nicho is a place where people and families strengthen their bonds and deepen their feelings. How about celebrating life’s milestones in a traditional Japanese ryotei?

  • Memorial services

    This is an occasion to share memories and remember the deceased. From the service on the seventh day after death to the fiftieth anniversary, Nicho handles all Buddhist memorial services regardless of sect.

  • Traditional Japanese wedding

    As a long-established ryotei, we can meet all your hospitality needs on this happy occasion. Enjoy refined Japanese cuisine exquisitely presented.
    Nicho will embellish the first page of your new life.

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