About Nicho


In the past, when the Uko ferry was the only transportation between Shikoku and Honshu, pre-war Takamatsu was known as a place of artistic significance called “Sanuki Geidokoro” with more than 200 geiko.
Nicho inherited the name of a geiko from this colorful time. Nicho meaning two butterflies, embodies the hope that the restaurant will flourish, like two butterflies, a male and a female, soaring upwards in a romantic entanglement.


Built in sukiya-style (tea house-style) with an area of around 1,500m² and 13 rooms of varying sizes, the building is registered as a tangible cultural property.


Nicho has a variety of rooms to suit every occasion and number of guests, including large, medium and small banquet halls offering seating options ranging from sunken kotatsu tables and tatami to tables and chairs.

  • Ocho-no-ma

    Suitable for large events such as dinner parties and wedding receptions, seating is provided at tables for up to 80 guests.

  • Mecho-no-ma

    Seating at tables for 12 guests
    Seating at sunken kotatsu table for 12 guests

  • Aoi-no-ma

    Seating at sunken kotatsu table for 4 guests

  • Koyo-no-ma

    Seating at sunken kotatsu table for 4 guests

Message from the Proprietress

Sanuki Hospitality

To ensure the satisfaction of our guests, every member of Nicho’s staff is committed to providing the best of Japanese-style service and hospitality.
We are happy to provide an intimate dining experience that will help you to celebrate important milestones in your life, such as to mark the passing of a close relative or create happy memories of a trip. At Nicho we want our guests to experience the traditional Japanese culture of old.

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant.

Inquiries and reservations
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